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More than 2500 hydrodynamic installations «TEK» under a trade mark «ТЕKMASH®», using the phenomena of a hydromechanics for direct heating of liquid environments, are introduced on industrial, agricultural and municipal objects of Canada, Germany, China and other countries.
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  • Condensed milk

    Brief description:

    Our technology differs fundamentally from conventional ones in using hydrodynamic effects which cause product self-heating, thus external heating elements are unnecessary and the product quality is better.

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  • Dispergators

    Brief description:

    TEK-DP - dispersing pump (dispersant pump) for making fine-dispersed emulsions and suspensions, capacity - 10-25 m³/hour.

  • Food lines

    Brief description:

    Innovative technology and equipment for manufacturing various types of condensed milk employing no steam, no electric heating elements or another external heat source.

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  • Feedstock

    Brief description:

    “TEKMASH®” technology provides fine grinding, mixing and thermal processing of mixtures by means of hydrodynamics (science dealing with liquid movement) with no heating elements used. It permits making 5-6 l vegetable milk using not more than 0.25 kWh electric energy.


About Us

TEKMASH®, a leader in the field of hydro-dynamics, has developed unique and revolutionary technologies used for producing soy-based foods and beverages, agricultural livestock feeding solutions, liquids and chemicals based thermal heating solutions, and biodiesel.

"Innovative yet amazingly simple and effective" - this is how our customers describe us. TEKMASH® has never lost a paying customer! Using the principles of hydro-dynamics, TEKMASH® has pioneered ingenious technologies to control, harness, focus and apply the energy created by the cavitation phenomena.

TEKMASH® solutions seek to enhance resource utilization and productivity, and to add value to consumers, customers, and earth's inhabitants while conserving or reducing energy consumption.

Agriculture, food and beverage, water and energy sectors are targeted areas for the focus of TEKMASH® applied engineering efforts.



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  • TEK-PD cavitation-type dispersing pump

    SIPE TEKMASH Institute offers dispersing pumps for making fine-dispersed food emulsions and suspensions, 10-25 m³/h capacity.

  • Feedstock feeding equipment. Milk substitute.

    The site contains information on fattening animals, on soy paste properties and soybean processing technology (animal feeding).

  • Condensed milk line TEK-CML

    Condensed milk production line


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