Mixing homogenizer equipment

Mixing homogenizer equipment

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TEK-HP homogenizers can mix and homogenize effectively any amount of liquid. Consumption of only 1 kWh energy to produce 1 t finished product makes TEK-HP a record holder in energy-saving technologies.

TEK-HP is indispensable to the production of egg melanges, condensed milk, ice-cream mixtures, combined juices, etc.

Homogenized pulp juices with no supplements are very tasty and characterized by maximum preservation of fresh fruit vitamins.

All this testifies to creating novel products of the third millennium.


Parameter TEK-2HP TEK-3HP TEK-4HP
Motor power, kW 11 - 15 22 - 30 45 - 55
Capacity, t/hour 10-15 15-20 20-50
Average particle size, micron 1-10
Voltage, V 380*
Phase number 3

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Basic advantages of hydrodynamic units for milk homogenization:

  • combination of three processes in one unit: mixing, pasteurization (and holding if necessary) and homogenization, which reduces production cost by 40-60%;
  • high efficiency (not less than 90%) which makes the equipment very economical;
  • the unit can be used for making combined milk products containing vegetable oil;
  • as convective surfaces are missing, the product is not scorched and milk stone is not deposited, as is the case with analogous equipment, including infrared pasteurizers;
  • milk acidity higher than 180Th does not preclude pasteurization;
  • high unit operational readiness makes it possible to install and start it up within one workday;
  • low energy consumption, 10 kWh ensures 1 t product pasteurization, the same figure for infrared heaters being 15-18 kWh;
  • equipment versatility makes it possible to use it for maintaining temperature at other technological equipment (baths, technological vessels with compensating jacket column, starter cans, etc.), for getting wet steam and warm water for daily needs, etc.;
  • the equipment can be used for washing technological equipment;
  • ecological friendliness.

Warranty period is 1 year.

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