List of TEKMASH equipment (milk pasteurizer, egg processing etc)

Production line for making wet feed mixtures More...
Production line for making wet feed mixtures

“TEKMASH®” technology provides fine grinding, mixing and thermal processing of mixtures by means of hydrodynamics (science dealing with liquid movement) with no heating elements used. It permits making 5-6 l vegetable milk using not more than 0.25 kWh electric energy.

Milk Pasteurizer - homogenizer (equipment) More...
Milk Pasteurizer - homogenizer (equipment)

TEK-PH - pasteurizer-homogenizer: direct heating, pasteurization, homogenization of milk, milk mixtures, egg m?langes and other food substances right in the hydrodynamic heater.

An alternative to gas boilers More...
An alternative to gas boilers

TEK hydrodynamic heater is an ecologically clean multifunctional unit which represents a novel heat-generator (no heating elements) designed for heating liquids of any composition.

Egg liquid pasteurizer More...
Egg liquid pasteurizer

The equipment produces high-performance emulsions based on egg melanges, liquid egg-whites and yolks with the addition of dry components, vegetable and animal fats, coloring agents, vitamins, etc.

Juice and fruit puree pasteurizer More...
Juice and fruit puree pasteurizer

TEKMASH offers a solution which is most suitable for processing juices and fruit puree and reduces the product losses to zero.

Condensed milk line More...
Condensed milk line

Innovative technology and equipment for manufacturing various types of condensed milk employing no steam, no electric heating elements or another external heat source.

Soya processing unit TEK-SM More...
Soya processing unit TEK-SM

TEK-SM - unit for processing soya, peas, wheat.

TEK-DP cavitation-type dispersing pump (dispersant pump) More...
TEK-DP cavitation-type dispersing pump (dispersant pump)

TEK-DP - dispersing pump (dispersant pump) for making fine-dispersed emulsions and suspensions, capacity - 10-25 m?/hour.

Mixing homogenizer equipment More...
Mixing homogenizer equipment

TEK-HP pumps-homogenizers can mix and homogenize effectively any amount of liquid

Washing solutions and technical liquids heating system More...
Washing solutions and technical liquids heating system

Conventional technologies for heating oils, mineral oils, washing solutions and other liquids are based on preliminarily heating the working medium (water or steam)

  • TEK-PD cavitation-type dispersing pump

    SIPE TEKMASH Institute offers dispersing pumps for making fine-dispersed food emulsions and suspensions, 10-25 m³/h capacity.

  • Feedstock feeding equipment. Milk substitute.

    The site contains information on fattening animals, on soy paste properties and soybean processing technology (animal feeding).

  • Condensed milk line TEK-CML

    Condensed milk production line

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