An alternative to gas boilers

An alternative to gas boilers

Heater TEK

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TEK hydrodynamic heater is an ecologically clean multifunctional unit which represents a novel heat-generator (no heating elements) designed for heating liquids of any composition.

TEK unit efficiency is about 90%. Practically, 9 kWh of every 10 kWh electric energy are used for heating and emulsification.

TEK units are used in heating systems and for heating water for industrial and daily living needs (including recirculating water systems), in food, milk, processing, chemical and coal-mining industries. TEK units can be used for making emulsions and suspensions, for heating mineral oils, chemical solutions and sea water.

The unit consists of a vessel, a special type mixer and a pump connected with a pipeline to make a single whole. The pump energized by an electric motor feeds liquid to the mixer. Liquid is heated in the mixer by the heat energy released as a result of jets collision.

The unit is installed on antivibration shock absorbers and is connected to the heating system, boiler or another vessel with the help of flexible metal hoses.

TEK hydrodynamic heater is provided with an automatic control unit which ensures:

  • water temperature control and maintenance (upper and lower limit);
  • motor protection against loss of phase, winding failure, voltage and current fluctuations, bias voltage in phase;
  • emergency cutoff at limiting temperature.

Heat-generator design is subject to copyright and is protected by international invention applications.

Parameter ТЕК - 1 ТЕК - 2 ТЕК - 3 ТЕК - 4
Motor power, kW 7,5 15 22 45
Heat efficiency, kcal/h 5600 12000 17600 36000
Water volume heated for an hour by 40°C, m3 up to 0,14 0,22 0,44 0,9
Space to be heated, m3 up to 450 900 1350 2700
Voltage, V 380
Phase number 3
Overall dimensions, mm 1300
Weight, kg 250 300 400 500

We can make a special TEK hydrodynamic unit embodiment to be used in premises with increased fire danger, for heating corrosive medium; besides, a customer can choose the type of motor or pump to be used.

TEK hydrodynamic unit main advantages

1. Versatility. TEK units are used:

  • for heating buildings (450 - 10000 m3);                                        
  • for heating mineral oils, chemical solutions;
  • for effectively mixing, homogenizing and dispersing substances;
  • for making emulsions, suspensions and simultaneously heating them;                               
  • for airing liquids.

2. Self-sufficiency. TEK unit is a self-sufficient technological aggregate, its operation mode being specified by the customer.

3. Durability. Service life is practically unlimited due to the absence of convective surfaces, narrow slots and quickly wearing parts.

4. Efficiency. TEK units are efficient due to the following:

  • no need to lay heating main and minimum heat losses;
  • production process intensification and lower energy consumption, the final product quality remaining the same;
  • no water-conditioning (water quality, pollution and salt load do not influence unit operation);
  • operability which is ensured by an automatic control unit, service staff requiring no special training.

5. Safety and ecological friendliness. These features are due to the following:

  • TEK units are fire-safe and explosion-proof as heating, pumping and removing deposits are combined in a single technological cycle;
  • TEK units do not generate any oscillations dangerous for a man and do not discharge electrolysis hydrogen (like electrode boilers);
  • TEK units do not require water-conditioning which is detrimental to health;
  • TEK units do not pollute environment with combustion materials.

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