Condensed milk line

Condensed milk line

TEKMASH company group offers an innovative technology and equipment for manufacturing various types of condensed milk employing no steam, no electric heating elements or another external heat source.

This heating equipment uses hydrodynamics, including turbulence and cavitation, which promote product self-heating. This approach distinguishes our technology from conventional ones and contributes to the product high quality. The technology and equipment offered belong to energy- and resource-saving.

TEK-CML condensed milk line advantages

(1)Solids swelling is more effective, thus improving the product quality and reducing production period.

(2)There is no need to use power-consuming vacuum evaporators of Wiegand type.

(3) As the equipment is easy to operate, it can be serviced by only three persons (2 operators and 1 processing engineer) who can ensure manufacturing 3-5 t product per shift.

(4) Flexible system of supplements and solids lossless introduction within the production process makes it more optimal and cheaper.

(5) The "price - quality" relation is optimum:

- no steam is used;

- no hot water is used as a heat carrier;

- energy consumption to manufacture 500 kg/h does not exceed 81 kW


Line basic engineering data


1) Line capacity, kg/shift: 2 500.

2) Product manufactured: light condensed milk, dark (boiled) condensed milk.

3) Line installed power, kW: 81.05.

4) Consumption of cold water (15°C) for cooling the finished product, not more, m?/h: 2.

5) Packing: polyethylene hose.

6) Finished product packed weight (with equipment basic model): 0.5 kg, 1.0 kg, 1.5 kg.

7) Floor space, not more, m2: 45 (5m x 9m).


Name Characteristic Installed power, kW
1 TEK-5SM hydrodynamic unit 500 kg/cycle N=55 kW 55

Vacuum-crystallizer with

   vacuum pump and


Vgeom.=2m3, Vр.=1m3



3 Viscous product packing line 500-1000 kg\hour.
sticks0,5-1,5kg, diameter=80 mm
4 Compressor 200 L\min., 1,5 kW 1,5
5 Screw pump 1,5 m3/hour, 0,55 kW 0,55
6 Fat melter 0,1 m3, 10 kW 10
7  Product filter  Fine filter  
total: 81,05

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